What to bring to mediation?

What I suggest to people is to spend some time outlining the issues that are of great significance to them. Prioritize the issues and then make sure you have supporting documentation to support your position. If you are working with an attorney, he or she can help you prepare for your mediation. If not, click here for a list of items it would be helpful to bring. I often remind people they are best served to spend some time listing and prioritizing in the days before a mediation and create a “cheat sheet” to bring to the mediation. It may change, but being prepared allows you to make better decisions during the process.

I also suggest people bring snacks and drinks. Mediations can last a few hours and they can be emotionally draining as you work through the issues. It often times helps to bring some fuel for your body and mind. If you need lunch or a break let the mediator know. Often times “pressing pause” allows the work to continue more productively and with less conflict.