Meeting people where they are

Recently I attended a Continuing Legal Education Class offered on the LGBTQ community and their needs. Afterwards, I was able to engage in a brief discussion with an attorney and continue a powerful dialogue about human connection. The essence of any connection is to meet people where THEY are in that time. Whether it be getting on the floor to play with a young child and their toy, sitting at a table and pretending to drink tea, on the field, at the table eating cookies, hooking bait onto a hook or their sexual identity and pronoun, meeting young people where they are in that moment.
As a Mother, I want to make my sons feel safe, no matter their age and their journey. As a human, I want to connect with others and be part of a global
solution towards compassion and acceptance. As a mediator, I want to hear what clients say and make them feel safe and understood. Meeting people where they are in that moment. Listening and hearing is a powerful tool for human connection and conflict resolution and I will continue to practice it, in my profession and in my life.