Making a list and checking it twice

As I approach the holidays, I’ve decided to try a different strategy to get my tasks done in a timely manner.  A long list can feel overwhelming and defeat me before I’ve started working on it, particularly during busy times.  So I decided to follow break it down into a few lists. I always start with a master list on a single sheet of paper.  Right now I have four lists going! Mundane/Chores (household tasks, laundry cleaning etc); Work Related (where I need to be and when); Self Care (exercise and social schedule) and a list of things I need to do to build my business.  

I decided to set them up with weekly goals and I actually time block the amount of time I will need to tackle one big item off each list.    By breaking things out and being more realistic with what I can accomplish in a week, my confidence has steadily improved and I am feeling more accomplished!  In the end this system is a bit more up front time but I find it saves me time over the course of the week and I feel much more organized! By breaking each realm down into manageable chunks I am feeling much less stressed and getting more accomplished!