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Frequently Asked Questions

Why mediation?

Mediation is a party-driven process designed to prioritize the interests of the parties to explore solutions to their unique problems.  Christina is an experienced Court-rostered Master Mediator, Domestic Mentor and a licensed attorney in good standing trained in communication techniques which encourage a collaborative but informal conversation with the goal of resolving some of all or all the issues raised.   She has spent years developing a direct and efficient style to work with families in conflict.  Mediation can take place with or without attorneys.

What is the role of a mediator?

A Mediator is a neutral, third party. The mediator is not legal counsel, not a judge or a truth finder to determine who is right or wrong. The mediator assists the parties by finding a pathway to a resolution by facilitating a meaningful and productive conversation around the issues. When the parties do not have attorneys, an Attorney/Master Mediator can guide them through the legal issues that are common in a divorce or modification, for example, property division, parent time and custody, child support, and debt division.

Who attends mediations?

The parties and their attorneys, if they are represented, attend the mediation. Often a party may find bringing a support person is valuable to help them navigate their stress. A support person is there to provide comfort but not to participate in the mediation. To learn more about Christina’s policy on support people attending mediation, please email her at

What is the role of an attorney in mediation?

Attorneys provide legal counsel and help the parties navigate the legal issues and evaluate the risk of not settling and going to court. Mediators do not provide legal advice but can provide information and will frequently work with the attorney and the client together to structure an agreement by identifying the issues and overlaying the appropriate legal framework and risk analysis. Attorneys will draft the agreement and file the necessary documents with the court.

How long does mediation take?

The length of mediation depends on the complexity of the issues, preparation of the parties, and the people involved. We schedule mediations in a minimum block of 4 hours because that is an average length of time people can stay comfortable and focused. Sometimes more than one session or meeting is necessary. Parties are only charged for the time spent mediating unless there is a minimum hour requirement. Often, if the parties have reached an agreement, an attorney attending will draft a legally binding agreement for the parties to sign and that can take a little more time. Christina is well known for being efficient and direct in helping parties navigate complicated issues effectively and in a timely manner.

Can you mediate without attorneys?

Yes, Christina will mediate a variety of issues range including initial divorces, modifications, custody and parent time matters, parenting plans and child support as well as certain probate matters. Mediating family law and probate matters without representation can be a very cost-effective solution for families with low to moderate conflict. Depending on the issues to be discussed pro se (no attorney) mediations take one to three sessions that range in time from two to four hours. Christina has partnered with attorneys to prepare and file the necessary documentation with the courts for a flat fee. She works a team of family law specialists (including experts in tax, child development, real estate, stock options, retirement distribution) to assist parties that are not represented to minimize the financial implications of a divorce and offer families strategies with how to transition children in an often-difficult time. The mediation can focus on the issues identified as areas of concern by the parties and it is a highly specialized and personalized process. Where conflict is manageable, mediations without attorneys can focus the discussion on how to explore the best possible outcome with the use of where applicable. Contact to learn more and schedule an initial ½ hour consult to discuss if this is a good solution for your family.

What is mental health assisted mediation?

Mediation with an experienced mediator and a mental health professional with experience in family law can be a cost-effective option for families with children. A mental health assisted mediation can help families with children keep focused on their children’s best interests and navigate custody and parent time questions with input from a professional equipped to assess the developmental needs of their children and their family system. A mental health professional can also help process the complicated emotional issues of divorce. This process is a collaborative opportunity for both parents to address concerns and for the discussion to stay focused on the needs of their children. Please email for more information.

Why being a licensed attorney and a court rostered mediator matter?

As a licensed attorney in the state of Utah, Christina regularly attends continuing education offered by the Utah Bar and stay current with changes in family and probate law.  Being an attorney, allows a mediator to work with attorneys and unrepresented parties in an informed and efficient manner.  As an attorney and court rostered mediator, Christina completes many hours of continuing education each year offered through the Utah Bar, the Utah Council of Conflict Resolution and the Association of Family Conciliation Courts, a national multi-disciplinary organization with regular trainings on pertinent issues in family law.  She is also trained in collaborative law, as a private guardian ad litem and as an eldercaring coordinator.

Christina is a lifelong learner with a commitment to excellence and education.

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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice.
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