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Christina Zavell Mediation Attorney at Law | Court-rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor

Initial Divorces, Modifications, and Parentage Actions

Family Property Division, Guardianship and Conservatorship

Why Choose Christina Zavell Mediation?

Let’s face it, conflict is stressful and expensive. Attorney Christina Zavell, a licensed member of the Utah Bar and Court-rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor, is trained to work through uncomfortable moments and facilitate difficult conversations. Christina leverages her direct, no-nonsense, cost-sensitive approach with compassion and years of experience to assist families navigate their family law and/or probate matters and work towards effective solutions. Christina has built her mediation practice by consistently providing exceptional mediation services at reasonable rates.

She is a past Board Member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (Utah Chapter) and a Court-rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor. Having an Attorney Mediator is an integral part of maximizing the opportunity for a successful outcome. Mediation is not regulated so it is important to make sure your mediator is a Utah Court-Rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor.

What My Clients Are Saying

“Christina was amazing!  She was able to successfully mediate a stipulation to divorce in one day that had been held up for months.  I would highly recommend her.”
“Christina was very professional and experienced throughout our mediation process.  I can’t thank her enough for walking us through it all and ensuring we reached a fair resolution in a timely manner.  She is just the best!”
“You made a very hard situation more survivable and workable and I wasn’t sure anyone could!  Thank you for helping us get this done quickly.  In my book you’re the best (but I hope I never need these services again)!”
“Everything went well, thank you for being so efficient and kind.”
“Thank you for the help and payment plan.  You helped work magic and helped do what was best for our child.  Lifesaver.”
“Christina was very friendly, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful!”
“Helpful, quick, thorough, informative and considerate.  Was impressed with her process.”
“Kindness, patience and understanding through difficult circumstances.  I felt like Christina tried her best to get the most fair outcome possible despite resistance to the process due to stress and anxiety.  Thank you for your help in working out a fair outcome.”
“Thank you for everything you did for me.  I am not envious of your job.  I appreciate all you do for clients”

Christina Zavell, Esquire

(Utah and Massachusetts)
Court-Rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor

I am an attorney at law in Utah and Massachusetts (inactive status) and Court-rostered Master Mediator and Domestic Mentor serving all of Utah. My practice is largely family law and probate.  With years of experience and countless hours of training in communicating around conflict, I can help many families untangle complicated and stressful disputes towards a resolution that works for their unique family circumstance.

Mediation can be of tremendous value to individuals, couples and families stressed by any conflict big or small. Mediation is a collaborative process while court is an adversarial process.  My practice is to reinforce a process driven by the parties with the advice of their attorneys or as a couple. 

I am here to help you.

Contact me today or schedule an mediation.
Phone: (401) 935 9829

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