Raising a child with learning differences

The statistics around families with special needs children and divorce tell a story of the unique stress they face. My own experience is one I’ve only been able to share recently. The lack of support, judgment and constant advocacy for services left me depleted, anxious, isolated and at times angry. I didn’t feel supported or understood. Rather, I felt harshly judged by the teachers, by my family, by my community and by my spouse.

Mediation can help families struggling with how to best support each other, their child and their other children. It is an opportunity for the parties to have a safe and guided conversation to find common ground and break a paradigm of frustration, conflict and isolation. Mediation is NOT counseling. It is a conflict resolution platform and can be an extremely valuable tool for parents before their relationship breaks down. A mediator can help identify where there is common ground and work with parents to develop a parenting and communication plan to more effectively partner and support each other.

Often by facing our vulnerabilities and fears in a compassionate and safe environment we are able to work with each other towards a common understanding of our needs as parents and care givers.