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Elder Care and the Family System

When again parent(s) begin to rely on their family for more support, conflict can increase as the family dynamics become stressed. Imagine a mobile hanging in balance, when you remove a piece or add a piece it quickly becomes out of balance. As the family system changes and an aging parent depends on family, imbalance or inequities can create conflict among siblings and their families. Mediation can diffuse conflict among family members and help siblings navigate difficult conversations around the added dimensions of caring for aging parent(s). Elder care mediation can give all the family members, including the aging parent(s) and remote family members a voice to work towards workable solutions.

Adult Guardianship

Adult Guardianship is a legal process where a protected person is determined by the courts to no longer be able to make his or her own decisions or provide for his or her day-to-day needs. The guardianship arrangement can vary depending on the needs of the protected person, and may be the subject of emotional conversations that lead to conflict among family members. Mediation can assist family members in structuring the guardianship by facilitating discussions around a variety of scenarios and giving different concerns a voice. The de-escalation of family conflict during these hard conversations can led to more efficient and productive outcomes.

Probate – Family Estates

Mediation is a collaborative process, which encourages the parties in conflict to find common ground and workable solutions. More and more courts are encouraging families in conflict over family estates to attempt to come to a resolution using mediation. These are very complicated discussions, often rift with emotion, which are not necessarily legal battles but involve navigating long-standing relationships between the parties.


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