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Christina Zavell Mediation Attorney at Law | Court-Rostered Master Mediator

Christina Zavell, Esquire

(Utah and Massachusetts)
Court-Rostered Master Mediator and Mentor

I am an attorney at law in Utah and Massachusetts (inactive status) and court-rostered Master Mediator and Mentor serving all of Utah. My practice is largely family law and probate, and I am an active member of the Utah Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation and Courts (“AFCC”).

As a lifelong learner, I am trained in Collaborative Law Practices in accordance with the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, Standards and Eldercaring Coordination in accordance with the Association for Conflict Resolution, Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination, and Florida Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

My belief is mediation can be of tremendous value to individuals, couples and families stressed by an conflict big or small. Mediation is a collaborative process while court is an adversarial process. As an AFCC informed mediator, my practice is to reinforce a process driven by the parties with the advice of their attorneys.

I am here to help you.


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Phone: (401) 935 9829

Why Choose Christina Zavell Mediation?

Christina brings a direct style to mediation and has a unique ability to hone in on the critical issues, acknowledge the conflict and hear the concerns of each party. She encourages openness and creates a space within the conflict to begin communicating towards a resolution. Her legal background and extensive training in conflict resolution allows her to quickly frame the issues, identify the interests and navigate to find common ground.

Christina is direct, compassionate and efficient in helping families resolve their issues.



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Christina Zavell Mediation Rates

Christina, a licensed attorney at law and Master Mediator and Mentor, is committed to helping families resolve conflict in a self-directed process. She is recognized as being efficient, fair, and cost-effective given her extensive credentials and affiliations. To that end, Christina has set her rates at $140 per hour via Zoom and at $160 per hour for in-person mediation. Typically, the fee is split between the parties and is due at the end of the mediation. Christina Zavell Mediation, LLC accepts cash or credit cards.

Christina conducts mediations throughout Utah and does not charge any travel fees, but a minimum hourly requirement will apply for travel more than 30 miles. She is available for in person mediations and via ZOOM.  Her minimum hour requirement ranges from 2 hour to 4 hours for in-person mediations and depends on the location of the mediation. Please email for more information. Christina reserves the right to charge a two-hour cancellation fee for any mediations canceled within 72 hours. 

Christina typically schedules one mediation per day to allow enough time for the parties to reach an agreement without requiring a minimum hour time commitment (unless the hour requirement in lieu of travel fees applies as stated herein). Mediation times can vary depending on the level of conflict, complexity, and number of issues, willingness of the parties, and type of mediation.


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Contact me today or schedule a mediation.


Phone: (401) 935 9829


Phone: (401) 935 9829
Salt Lake City, Utah

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