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ANNOUNCEMENT: As of January 1, 2022 I will no longer be working with pro se, unrepresented parties.

Why a Court Rostered Mediator?

Court rostered mediators are trained in conflict resolution. In addition to her law degree, Christina is a licensed Utah attorney and attended the University of Utah Conflict Resolution course and the University of Utah Domestic Mediation course. Court rostered mediators have extensive training and are required to maintain their skills with 6 hours of continuing mediation training each year. Court rostered mediators are also required to serve the community with 3 pro bono (no charge) cases each year. In order to become court rostered, they have to pass a test on the Utah Ethics Code and be approved by the Utah Courts Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Director.


A court rostered mediator is trained to guide disputing parties in a productive format allowing them to work through their identified issues towards a resolution. Conflict resolution is actually a group of skills learned and practiced. Court rostered mediators spend hours observing master mediators and being observed during their initial mediations. Christina Zavell Mediation, LLC believes mediation should be efficient and cost-effective and accessible and her rate reflects that commitment to her clients.


Often times, people are meditating because they are struggling with a big life change. Working with a trained professional can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a shift towards investments in a positive change. In an already difficult and stressful time, why not work with someone trained and recognized by the courts as a professional in conflict resolution?